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The center has achieved a high standing due to its hard work to reach not only Pat Conroy readers, “lovers” so to speak but a wide range of people interested in sustaining the unmatched literary legacy of such a giant word smith… The Center is only sustainable in its programs and ongoing numerous events due to your [tax deductible] donation through our web site here or sending a check to the Center (we prefer the online donation)

The center is open Thursday through Sunday noon-4:00 p.m. Eastern. Also other hours can be accommodated for groups out of town. Please call the Center at (843)-379-7025

For a golf cart tour of Pat Conroy related places please call our friend Bill at “Beaufort Tours” at 843-838-2746

The Festival is typically in late October / early November each year. Please check the Festival website or the Festival Facebook page for the most up to date information. If you don’t find an exact date, that means the date has not been finalized.

All scheduled Center events are grouped by month on this page. You can also find event information on the Center’s Facebook page. You can also see events from years back as you go to the Events page and plug in a date…

Pat Conroy is buried in the St. Helena Memorial Garden cemetery, just 9 miles from the Pat Conroy Literary Center. Directions can be found… here!

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