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Meet Will Schwalbe, Our Lowcountry Book Club Convention Keynote Presenter | by Margaret Evans

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“Reading helps me know what to do in my life and in the world. It also increases my capacity for empathy, which is a muscle that needs constant exercise or it atrophies. Reading widely is the best way I know to become more empathetic—when you walk miles in someone else’s shoes you can walk farther and with more purpose in your own.”—Will Schwalbe

Author of the New York Times best sellers The End of Your Life Book Club and Books […]

Watch Porch Talk Live with J.C. Sasser author of Gradle Bird by Jonathan Haupt

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“Growing up in a small southern town, you get to know who the storytellers are…. It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that, yes, I wanted to be a writer. But I was always a story chaser.”

Novelist J.C. Sasser, author of Gradle Bird, made a return appearance on Porch Talk–following her earlier print interview with Conroy Center executive director Jonathan Haupt–in this Porch Talk Live appearance at the Beaufort County Library’s main branch […]

Meet Bluffton Book Festival Director Rockelle Henderson by Jonathan Haupt

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“Living in the lowcountry has given me a renewed purpose in life, and the festival grew out of that sense of direction…. I’m blessed to be able to offer a platform to help many more writers get to know readers and one another. It’s also a chance for us to give back locally to the Literacy Center and nationally to the publishing industry via the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.”

Rockelle Henderson is the president of Rock Inked, Inc., an […]

Porch Talk Live Goes to SoFest with Southern Storytellers Wiley Cash and Radney Foster by Jonathan Haupt

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“My impulse as a writer is to have readers enter a novel the same way you enter a dream.”–Wiley Cash

Porch Talk went to the 29th annual Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN, for a lively conversation with novelist Wiley Cash (The Last Ballad) and musical guest, singer, songwriter, and author Radney Foster (For You to See the Stars), hosted by Pat Conroy Literary Center executive director Jonathan Haupt. This Porch Talk Live session […]

What Did You Learn from Pat Conroy? by Margaret Evans

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Pat Conroy taught me that there’s something even more transformative than education, and it’s the power of grace.

This Porch Talk originally appeared in The Lowcountry Weekly. 

The second annual Pat Conroy Literary Festival is almost upon us, and this year’s theme is The Transformative Power of Education. In honor of that rich subject, I asked a random handful of festival presenters to ruminate on “one thing” they learned from Pat Conroy, through his writing or his […]

J.C. Sasser, a Bold New Voice in Southern Gothic Fiction by Jonathan Haupt

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 J.C. Sasser

“That’s what it is to be a storyteller. It’s a calling to tell the tales that help us to know who we are.”

Novelist J.C. (Jana) Sasser lives amid the woods and marshes of South Carolina’s Edisto Island, halfway between Beaufort and Charleston and seemingly halfway between the present and the past. Once home to novelist Bren McClain, Sasser’s house is a converted barn that dates at least to the 1930s and is made in part from wood […]

Meet Novelist and Gold Star Daughter Karen Spears Zacharias by Margaret Evans

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Karen Spears Zacharias

“Reflecting on Pat stories brings a smile and fills me with a mirth too often missing from life during these turbulent times…. His words were a healing balm I had needed my whole life long.”

Novelist Karen Spears Zacharias is a Georgia-raised Gold Star daughter. Her work as a journalist has been featured in the New York Times and on CNN, National Public Radio, and Good Morning America. Zacharias is the author of eight books, including Mother […]

Exploring the Truth of Fiction with Author and Artist Nicole Seitz by Jonathan Haupt

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“We cannot read a book without importing ourselves as characters. This is one of the marvels of fiction. We get to rehearse things on the written page. We get to examine our own motives and lives through books.”

A Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, native, writer and artist Nicole Seitz is the author of six novels, including The Spirit of Sweetgrass, The Inheritance of Beauty, and Beyond Molasses Creek. Nicole’s fiction has been honored by Library Journal, Romantic Times, […]

Mapping the Inner Darkness with Novelist Mark Powell by Margaret Evans

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Mark Powell

“After reading Pat Conroy the first time I began to understand there was a larger world I could read my way into, and it was like discovering water at the same moment you realize you are dying of thirst.”

Following this Porch Talk interview, read an exclusive excerpt from Mark Powell’s essay on Pat Conroy, “The Extended Hand.”

Mark Powell is one of my favorite mysteries. I discovered Mark through his novel The Sheltering, published by Pat Conroy’s Story […]

A Conversation with Best-selling Novelist Patti Callahan Henry by Margaret Evans

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Patti Callahan Henry

“Sometimes when I write a novel, I find that I have injected parts of my ‘lost life’ into the story. I have never lived in a small town, and yet I find myself writing about them. It’s as if the lives I never lived travel alongside me and, every once in a while, show up in stories.”

Patti Callahan Henry is a New York Times bestselling author of twelve novels, including the The Bookshop at Water’s End, […]