The Pat Conroy Literary Center outreach has been mainly in creating various events which, it could be argued, are a transitory way of carrying Pat’s legacy forward.

As instructional and /or informative as they may be, they are somehow ephemerid. You join them, enjoy them or not and move on.

But Pat Conroy believed “One can learn anything, anything at all, I thought, if provided by a gifted and passionate teacher.”  He also wrote “like everything else, love’s not worth much without some action to back it up.”

We intend to do just that. Come here to see the projects that we hope might not only improve lives but make our world a kinder place.

(More to come…  this is an ongoing  ‘project’ as we fight our way through…)

We hate to disappoint you; the pandemic made a lot of things harder but we never stopped working on our ideas…