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Two part Event by Pat Conroy Literary Center


When: Thursday June 16, 2022 and Thursday July 7, 2022; 6:00-8:00 p.m. EDT on Zoom.
Cost: $60 for both sessions
Limited to 15 participants

This special pair of workshops is designed to engage with writers and creators searching for their storytelling voice. Instructor Iris Jackson will share experiences from her Telling Trails photos, poems, and writings, providing time for comments and conversation, with the goal of students creating and sharing their own narratives.

Utilizing Telling Trails as a vehicle, participants will have opportunity to listen, share, write, and join in conversations about their creative journeys. After some shorter writing exercises, storytellers will have the opportunity to focus on their chosen themes to develop a larger more complete piece to be shared in the second session—with additional time for presentations, conversations, and feedback.

Workshop attendees will also have the opportunity for their works to be included in upcoming blogs on the Telling Trails website, along with possible inclusion in the Telling Trails Tour Book Series.

Learn more and register at

This workshop will be held as an online video conference call through Zoom. Details for joining the video call will be provided to all participating writers after registering.

Website: Facebook Event Page

About our instructor:

Iris JacksonAs a longtime educator in the public schools, delivering college seminars and continuing education courses, Iris Jackson has worked with students of many ages. Continually creating as a freelance musician, theater performer, and art curator, Jackson has turned these experiences toward her Telling Trails Book Series, and she is looking for collaborators to expand the community of storytellers. She has also participated in the Savannah Book Festival, Safe Harbors of the Hudson, and numerous indie bookstore events, as well as working with schools, libraries, museums, and sports teams. Learn more about Telling Trails (and order copies of the book) at

This program and others like this would not be possible without your financial help for which, as always, Pat Conroy Literary Center gratefully thanks you.
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