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Pat Conroy Literary Center – Beaufort, SC

On Thursday, January 20, at 6:00 p.m., the Pat Conroy Literary Center and NeverMore Books will host a free evening with Estelle Ford-Williamson, author of the new novel Rising Fawn, in conversation with the Conroy Center’s communications and events coordinator Brooke McKinney. Estelle and Brooke will be joined by a special appearance by Jennifer Daniels, a Lookout Mountain-based alt-country, folk rock band that inspired a scene in the novel. Clare, in Rising Fawn, encounters a group like the real band as she begins life on a remote cliff while struggling with the possible end of her marriage. (Learn more about the band at

This program will be presented on Zoom, Register in advance at…/reg…/WN_ZOxLs1ZHThuN80O3rYyO3Q

Signed copies of Rising Fawn are available locally in Beaufort at NeverMore Books (

Website: Facebook Event Page

About Rising Fawn:

“A routine case of identity fraud takes a young woman on a shocking journey of self-discovery, where she’s forced to uncover a tangled skein of family secrets that will change the course of her life. Her journey, which begins in the modern world of corporate business, takes her deep into a wild and primitive landscape that carries its own mysteries and dark secrets. Rich in detail, poetic imagery, and fast-paced narrative, Rising Fawn is the kind of book that keeps you turning pages late into the night.”—Cassandra King Conroy

Clare Connor enjoys personal and financial success by teaching people how to be their best selves–she’s a professional life coach in a major Southern city. But her life starts to come undone when she experiences first one, then another major financial shock. Her husband has already been acting suspicious. Does he have a woman on the side? The financial fraud unravels the marriage, and he tells her to leave. Clare is thrown on her own devices and gets little help from a divorce lawyer. With the promise of work nearby, she flees to a remote area of the state to get her life together. The earthquakes that forced up the mountains where she now lives reflect the seismic shocks in her own life. Without the financial security she had, Clare struggles with who she is and how she’s going to make a comeback. Fate throws her together with some unlikely allies, some of whom are tied to Irish and Italian immigrants in these strange lands. She taps into the power of the area’s natural wonders, what is left of her long-forgotten faith, and the tatters of her family’s past to face a future that is forever changed.

About the author:

Estelle Ford-Williamson, is a novelist and memoirist whose most recent book, set in Rising Fawn, GA, has won awards from the Sandhills Writers Conference and the Atlanta Writers Conference. Her previous books were Abbeville Farewell: A Novel of Early Atlanta and North Georgia, and Seed of South Sudan: Memoir of a Lost Boy Refugee, written with Majok Marier. She has received Poets and Writers grants for readings and workshops in Atlanta and New York, and has presented memoir workshops through the Pat Conroy Literary Center in Beaufort, SC, as well as for the Lou Walker Senior Center in DeKalb County, GA. A short story drawn from Rising Fawn was a finalist for the Short Story America Festival in 2017. Born in Chattanooga, TN, Ford-Williamson graduated from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN and worked as a reporter for UPI in Atlanta, where she later worked as a management trainer and career specialist before writing her first novel. She moved to the Beaufort SC area in 2016.

This program and others like this would not be possible without your financial help for which, as always, Pat Conroy Literary Center gratefully thanks you.
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