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A Conversation on the Porch with Debut Novelist Kerry Kletter by Janis Owens

By |2017-11-12T21:04:00-05:00May 16th, 2017|

Publishing doesn’t make you a writer, writing does. The difference between who I was before I sold the book and who I was after was one phone call and that’s it.

Porch Talk is pleased to welcome Kerry Kletter, author of the debut YA novel The First Time She Drowned, an American Library Association’s Booklist magazine’s Top 10 for Youth selection. A former film and TV actress, Kerry lives and writes in Santa Monica, California. Kerry joins us […]

Get to Know Pat Conroy’s “Sister-in-Dickey,” Ellen Malphrus by Janis Owens

By |2017-11-12T21:07:46-05:00March 28th, 2017|

Welcome our friend and Lowcountry neighbor to the Porch: poet, teacher, and novelist Ellen Malphrus.  The last I saw Ellen was at the sad occasion of Pat’s last days, where she and her husband Andy not only provided emotional support and loving presence, but an unending supply of succulent Peruvian chicken from Andy’s forthcoming restaurant (Andes Rotisserie) in Bluffton. As any southerner will tell you, the woman who brings the best food to a crisis is a Woman […]

Porch Talk Marches Forth by Janis Owens

By |2017-11-12T21:05:31-05:00March 10th, 2017|

I was in Beaufort last week, for the first time since Pat’s death just on the edge of Spring a year ago, on March 4th.

There is something so particularly cruel about losing someone on the edge of Spring in the lowcountry, when the winter gray of the marsh and Spanish moss is just on the verge of the photo flash of color and glorious life that comes with the bloom of all the old southern scene-stealers: dogwood, […]

Welcome to Porch Talk

By |2017-11-12T19:11:40-05:00May 21st, 2016|

“Hemingway didn’t know he was Ernest Hemingway when he was a young man. Faulkner didn’t know he was William Faulkner. But they had to take the first step. They had to call themselves writers. That is the first revolutionary act a writer has to make. It takes courage. But it’s necessary.”
Pat Conroy, My Losing Season

I laugh when I read this snippet of Pat’s memoir because, like all his commentary on writing, it is so true, so wise and so very Conroy.


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